My First Blog…

I’ve never really believed in keeping a journal. People who know me may find that statement odd because I do like to write, or at least I have in the past. So I say that opening statement quite literally, I’ve never actually kept most of what I’ve written. That being said, I can’t claim that I have an explanation as to why. I guess mostly I have written to express myself in the moment; but I never felt the need to contemplate or be reflective afterward on what I’d written .

In my teens and early 20s I would write, scribble or jot something down at least daily. Quite a lot of those ramblings were in various notebooks or on legal pads. I think I’ve probably lost most or all of those over the years through many moves and spring cleanings. I’m not terribly bothered at the loss because considering the perspective I’ve gained over the years since then, I sincerely hope nobody can ever trace any of those early writings back to me!

Of late, my travels and experiences have again stirred up the writing bug in me. And the perspectives that I now have lead me to see, with new light, things that I’ve never noticed before in everyday happenings. I love living life as it is meant to be lived- to the full, treating others with respect, sharing my knowledge and experience with others and enjoying food, family and friends. I always find it amazing how the simplest things in life can bring us the most joy, like watching a child blow a dandelion or roll around in snow for the first time. I would like to be able to live those carefree moments and capture those feelings of joy.

On every travel, road trip, vacation I’ve taken, I’ve always managed to make an unexpected connection with a person or place. I hope to leave a record behind in this blog that I can reflect and hopefully share with anyone else who might enjoy my perspectives. Looking forward to living the best life ever.